Use one bell.

Go as heavy as humanly possible without going to complete muscle failure!

  • Kettlebell snatches 5/5
  • Kettlebell push press 5/5
  • Kettlebell front squat 10
  • Sit ups 10

Take care of your hands.

 Here are a few technique tips to follow.

  • Use your breathing.  Sniff some air into your abdomen on the back swing(hike the bell back like a football loading the glutes and hams) of the snatch.
  • High pull the bell (like a bent elbow swing).
  • When the bell get to head high, punch it through. As you punch through at the finish of the snatch, exhale sharply as if you were throwing a punch.
  • Loosen up your grip as you punch through.  Most of the pressure of the bell's handle should be on the heal of your hand and the wrist should be neutral, not extended at the finish.  The elbow should be locked out with the bell over your head.
  •  The knees should be lockout out as well with the glutes and quads tight.
  • On the down swing, repeat the same breathing pattern while keeping the lower back tight and flat.

No 6pm class this evening!

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