12 Minutes of Strength Couplets

Hey Training Room family!

Just remember…

Your health routine doesn’t have to be complicated in order to get results.

Just do quality work consistently!
ALSO remember that you don’t have to beat yourself down.
The same goes for your nutrition!

Slow and steady ALWAYS wins when it comes to fitness and health.

Friday is simple strength day.

We have some old school Training Room style 12 minute ladder strength couplets for you!

Here’s what we’re doing…

1-5 or 2-10 ladders couplet style.

Do each couplet for 12 minutes.

Couplet 1

REST 2 minutes

Couplet 2

Finisher Couplet

10-2 Snatch or swing / 2-10 Burpees AFAP

Have a great Friday and and an awesome weekend!

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