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The Warrior Challenge goes down in JUST 2 WEEKS on September 7th!  Jim, Mike and Tommy J. work around the clock to give you the BEST Team Fitness Challenge EVER!  ALL proceeds go to the Task Force Dagger Foundation to help Veterans and their Families!  If you would like to donate to support a TEAM or make a General Donation you can go HERE.  If you are not participating this year, come watch and cheer on all the participants.  It is sure to be an entertaining morning at Warrior Beach in Avon-by-the-Sea!

Saturday’s Workout


5 Exercises x 5 Rounds of Each

30 Sec. Easy / 20 Sec. Moderate to Hard / 10 Sec. Sprint (non-conversational pace)

REST 2 Minutes Between Sets

Choose 3:

  • Row
  • Bike
  • Ski
  • Run
  • Sled
  • Kettlebell Sport (Cleans 30/ Long Cycle 20/ Jerk 10)
  • Bodyweight (Step Ups 30/ Squat Thrust 20/ Burpee 10)
  • Any Other Conditioning Options or Combinations (Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope, etc…)

Have a great Weekend!