It’s 2 for Tuesday!

On THIS 2 for Tuesday, you can choose 2 cicuits.

You can pick 2 strength circuits or 1 strength and 1 cardio circuit.

Both of them are fifteen minutes long.

Whatever is is that you choose, work HARD and even try something new on Two for Tuesday at The Training Room!

AS ALWAYS…we are here to guide you through the training session.

Strength Circuit 1 (15 minute AMRAP)

  • 10 dead lift choice (1 or 2 bells, trap bar, single leg DL or hinge)
  • 10 spit squat or reverse lunge
  • 10 press option (kettlebell, dumbbell, landmine, push up)
  • 10 row choice or or pull-up

You can choose this second strength option, or head over to the cardio option.

Strength Circuit 2 (15 minute AMRAP)

  • 10 push-up plank or KB tricep extension or kettlebell halo
  • 10 kettlebell curl
  • 10 knee up or ab choice
  • 10 twist, Bulgarian bag or calories

Cardio Circuit (15 minute AMRAP)

  • 10 calories row
  • 10 calories bike
  • 10 calories ski
  • 100 Jump rope, 50 jumping jacks or Ab choice 10

Next event coming up is The Training Room Christmas party on December 9 at Avon Marina from 6-10.

Don’t miss!

Have an amazing Tuesday!

Try out some band resistance!