On the 2 Minute Challenge

Thursday is challenge day…

Let’s revisit this fun challenge!

On the 2 minute mark…

Pick your cardio choice.
  • 250 meters row
  • 250 meters ski
  • 250 run
  • 500 meters bike

After you complete your cardio choice, do 1 burpee.

With each round, add 1 burpee until you cannot keep the pace anymore.

YES! Add 1 burpee after every set!

You should get a minimum of 10 rounds.

Other Options…

  • Intermediate should do 225 meters
  • Beginners can do 200 meters

Burpees can ALSO be replaced by squat thrusts.


Here’s a fun partner medicine ball drill you can do any time!

Use your imagination and have some fun with it!