Hey Training Room!

Winter is upon us!

That walk through the dark and cold court yard is not as pleasant anymore is it?

The Training Room is always thinking of your health well being and would like to make the transition into the cold,bitter and dark mornings a little bit easier for you.

Let’s face it…

Winter goes by a lot quicker when we keep ourselves busy with fun activities.

So therefore…

We are planning our next Training Room event.

The Training Room Winter Games!

This event will include an adult relay, solo event and kids relay…

Sign ups will start this weekend, so get your teams together!

We will be posting the official event details as well….

photo (11)

Lets go!

Thursday is simple conditioning…

We will warm up with a 2 round circuit warm up…

Today we’ll be doing 2 minute intervals with 2 minutes rest between of the following.

Perform 3 rounds of the following circuit

  • row or  run
  • Jump rope, or Step -up
  • Bike or ski erg

Give it all ya got!