2 Minute Torture Challenge Edition

However you want to look at it… these 2 Minute Sets will get you geared up for the rest of the week!

2 Minutes of Torture… or Fun!?

Here’s what we got on Tuesday:

Pick a cardio (row, bike, ski, run…) and choose your intervals:

  • 250 meters Advanced
  • 225 meters Intermediate or
  • 200 meters Beginner

After your first set you will do 1 Burpee or Squat thrust or Squat Press:

Start a set every 2min and a a burpee until you cannot complete your set in under 2min:

Since many of you will be choosing burpees… here’s a short Push Up Technique Video the Milkman did for you!  Apply the SAME principals to your Burpees… please!

How many rounds can you get in?

Up for the challenge?  Let us know how you do!

Online Training Room Members!  Here’s your Video Workout for today!

25min AMRAP

  • 250 run, row, or 125 JR, or 60 JJ’s
  • 20 Swings, broad jumps, light deads
  • 250m
  • 20 high box step-ups, or 20 walk lunges(hands behind head)
  • 250m
  • 20 skaters or Lateral step overs
  • 250m
  • 20mt. climbers(each leg) or 20yd crawl

Let’s have a great day!

Drop your comments below and let us know if you need help with ANYTHING!

Here’s the follow along video for those who can’t make it to the gym!