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Team Training Room

Thursday brings us our classic 2 Minute Torture Conditioning Workout that is a Training Room Favorite!

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Thursday is an Old School Training Room Favorite

2 Minute Torture x 10 Rounds

We will all start with an extra long warm up so that when the first 2 minutes starts everyone is ready to put in 100 percent effort!  THIS workout is at a non-conversational pace!

You can do everything with just Bodyweight or if you have a Kettlebell or Dumbell you can add a little weight.  Best to choose a lighter weight on conditioning days to get the heart rate up without totally crushing yourself!

The clock will be set for 2 Minute Intervals.  Each round you try to complete the following circuit within the 2 minutes.  If you finish early – that’s your “rest” time!  Get ready to break a good sweat!

  •  5 Burpees, Squat Thrusts, or Push-Ups 
  • 10 Snatches, High Pulls, or Broad Bump 
  • 15 Mountain Climbers or Bicycles
  • 20 Swings or Bodyweight Squats

*Advanced can add 50 Jump Rope or 25 Jumping Jacks*

Keep it simple and have fun!