Strength Doubleheader!

Get ready for our 2 Part Strength Workout on Saturday!

Let’s get moving!  We love being outside in the courtyards!  Rain or shine we’ve got a good workout for you!

Strength Doubleheader!

Part 1 – Couplet:

1 min. work / 1 min. active recovery x 10 rounds (5 each – unless you are doing long cycle)

  • Swings, cleans, snatch, single-leg deadlift, birddog, or kettlebell long cycle
  • Push-press, hindus, shoulder taps, plank, low crawl, or kettlebell long cycle

Part 2:

15 work/ 15 rest x 5 rounds:

  1. Squat choice
  2. upper pull choice
  3. Ab choice
  4. Cardio choice

If can’t get to our outdoor training here’s the pre-recorded workout for Saturday: