Happy Wednesday!

It’s been a great week of training so far.

Today we’ll hit a nice simple 20 minute kettlebell/body weight session.

We’ll warm up with 5 minutes of joint mobility and then do our regular two round kettlebell warm up (check the video library).

Today’s workout can be done anywhere with just one kettlebell and a set of rings/straps or a pull up bar.

Go as heavy as you can today.

You will do 10 rounds of the following movements.

If this takes you less then 20 minutes, you will keep going until you get to 20 minutes.

We will give you two options.

Option 1: 10 rounds

  • 15 kettlebell swings
  • 10 kettlebell push presses or jerks 5r/5l
  • 5 pull ups

Option 2: 10 rounds

  • 10 kettlebell swings
  • 10 kettlebell push press 5r/5l
  • 10 ring rows

Let us know how you did and what weight bell you used!

Let’s here from our online members!

Tell us where you are from.  I know there are plenty of you out there from far away.

We would love to here from you.

Sun Man has returned to the court yard!