2010 intervals

Hey Training Room family!

Tuesday is a conditioning day and we will kick things off with 2010 intervals.

Just because your doing 20/10 intervals, that doesn’t make it Tabata.

If you want to know what true Tabata is, go here to read about it.

In mean time, please enjoy these 20/10 intervals…

20/10 x 8 stationary

Complete ALL 8 sets, rest for 1 minute and move on!

Each set will take 4 minutes to complete.

Here are your movements with options.

  • Body weight or Drop squats
  • mountain Climbers or crawls
  • row or run
  • Swings or broad jumps
  • slams or squat thrust
  • bike

Enjoy your Tuesday intervals

Help fix your swings with this drill!

Some swing alternatives…