Kettlebell or Bodyweight Strength

25 Minutes of Strength of Kettlebell or Bodyweight Strength on Wednesday!

Following a good warm-up, you will go through a 25-minute Strength Circuit at your own pace.

This type of strength workout allows you to go at your own pace.  Try to gauge your workout intensity with how you are feeling.  Maybe go heavier and slower or lighter and faster paced.  We are here to make suggestions and teach form and technique but its up to you to push yourself to work hard and still stay safe.

Kettlebell or Bodyweight Strength

Sets of 10 Reps

25 minutes Strength Workout

  • 10 swings or Supermans
  • 5/5 floor press or 10 push-ups
  • 5/5 cleans, or 5/5 single leg deadlifts, or 10 marching hip bridges
  • 5/5 overhead press, or down dog press
  • 5/5 split squat or 10 goblet squats /
  • 5/5 KB rows, 10 ring rows, or 5 pull-ups /
  • 5/5 push-up plank, 5 walkouts, or 30sec plank:


30easy / 20moderate /10sprint x6rds:

Here are some examples:

  1. Jog / run / sprint
  2. 1 or 2 KB LC slow / KB long cycle med / jerks,
  3. Step-ups / burpees / sq thrusts:
  4. row, bike or ski (slow / med / fast)

Get STRONG with us: