3 Minute Blasters

That’s right, we’ve got our famous 3 minute blasters lined up for Friday at The Training Room!

This time it’s a little bit different then usual.

We’ll do twenty second intervals at 3 exercises non-stop for 3 rounds at each of the following triplets.

Each triplet is 3 minutes in length.

It’s going to look like this…

Triplet 1

Twenty seconds of each for 3 rounds

  • Skaters
  • Squat thrust or slam
  • Sprint in place or shuttle run

Triplet 2

Twenty seconds of each for 3 rounds

  • High pull, clean, or Jump
  • Squat press or push press
  • Jumping jacks

Triplet 3

Twenty seconds of each for 3 rounds

  • Drop squats
  • 1/2 burpees or mountain climbers
  • Knees to chest (abs)

To enhance your Training Room experience…

DO this entire sequence twice and then go straight through all 9 items for the finish!

Have an amazing Friday and an incredible weekend!

Here’s one from the archives!