3 Ten Minute Challenges

Training Room friends!

Charge hard!

Wednesday is a challenge day.

Here we go!!

Do each triplet for ten minutes getting as many rounds as you can for each one.
Rest for 2 minutes between each of the ten  minute challenges

Here we go…

Ten minute challenge #1

  • Ski 10 calories
  • high-sh step-ups x 10 reps total
  • crab touches or sit throughs  10/10 reps


Ten minute challenge #2

  • Row 10 calories
  • Slam 10 reps
  • twisting activities (mb toss, standing twist, maces, bands etc) 10/10 reps


Ten minute challenge #3

  • Wall ball (Not at 5 AM) or squat press 10 reps
  • high-pulls 10 reps
  • bike 10 calories


Have a tremendous Wednesday!