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There’s a 30 minute challenge heading your way on Tuesday!

Did anyone try out the Training Room Trialthlon yet?

It’s this weeks challenge as part of our 12 Week Winter Fitness Challenge.

Do your best to try an break 6 minutes of the following in the order listed…
  • 500 meter ski
  • 1000 meter bike
  • 500 meter row

Drop a comment below if you tried it out.

Back in the Point Beach Days

REMINDER: Please make sure to schedule your fitness assessment at Atlantic Exercise Physiology!

We have extended the deadline for testing to Saturday, so please don’t drag your feet.

Go to the website here, then…

  • Go to “booking”
  • Fill out the appropriate paperwork
  • Select “winter challenge”


The Jersey Shore Kettlebell Championships are April 9 and you can sign up for THAT HERE!


It’s May 14 and registration will open up this week!

Here is your 30 minute challenge for Tuesday:

Get as many rounds as you can in 30 minutes of the following movements…
  • 500 meter cardio
  • 40 yards of crawling or 40 mountain climbers
  • 30 yards of walking lunges, 30 reverse lunges or step ups
  • 20 high pulls or jump pulls
  • Ten half burpees or push-ups

Want to learn how to FLOW the rope??

Of course you do!

Why wouldn’t you?

It’s fun, low impact and great for the body as well as the mind!

Watch this!

Here’s a little something for home if you need!