Monday Challenge Day

THIS workout is made for a Monday!  Start the week with continuous movement and keep the momentum throughout each day.  Go at whatever pace you like – alternating between Cardio and Body Weight or Kettlebell Exercises.

Scale it up with more intensity or back off to give your body time to wake up.  YOU have control over your workout.  We are always here to give suggestions, modifications and words of encouragement.

Reminder our 5:15am Class in Avon is changing to 5am starting Monday!  If you show up later just hop in and get in your workout.  We just want everyone to be able to squeeze in a good session each day.

30 Minutes AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

250 Meters – Run, Row, Ski, Bike (500m)
20 Steps Ups, Squats or Walking Lunges
250 Meters
20 Jumping Pull Ups or Fast Assisted Pull Ups
250 Meters
20 Swings, High Pulls or Hip Bridges
250 Meters
20 Slam Ball or Sledge Hammer
250 Meters
20 Skaters or Lateral Steps
250 Meters
20 Yards Crawl or 20/20 Mountain Climbers
250 Meters
20 Knees to Chest or Deadbugs
250 Meters
20 Squat Thrusts

*Beginners should do 200 Meters for their Cardio Choice

How many rounds did you get?

As we introduce brand new workouts we will still be throwing in some oldies but goodies.  So stay tuned to some new things, learning specific skills and some tried and true basics!