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Warm up with some joint mobility and basic body weight movements.

Follow up with basic kettlebell movements.

This is a 5 round body weight circuit.

Go through this using 30 seconds of work/30 seconds of rest non-stop.

Again, we will can add advanced variations to make this more challenging.

We have a few advanced options at each station. Check the video section for variations.

Speaking of the video section, I just did a 20 minute video on the many variations of pull ups the that can be performed with several pull up apparatus.

Go to the video section and look under “body weight movements”

Here’s the circuit:

  • Pullups, assisted ring, or band assisted pull ups
  • Med ball squat hold
  • Med ball sit up and reach
  • Low back extension or supermans
  • Down dog press, handstand hold or press
  • Knee ups, knees to chest or Power wheel knees to chest.

Have a great day!

Let us know if you have any questions.

Get ready for some sunshine!