Hey Training Room family…

Please send some positive energy to Boxing Mike and his family.

Boxing Mike and Kelly’s son, Justin was in a bad car accident on Monday night and is being treated at St. Barnabas Hospital for significant burns.

Boxing Mike says Justin will be ok, but will have to spend 2-3 weeks in the hospital.

Please keep them in your thoughts.

Today we will be doing a very simple conditioning circuit that will consist of 1 minute work and rest intervals.

There’s no need for a video today. but let us know if you need to substitute anything.

1 minute of work / 1 minute rest of the following movements

Circuit through this for 30 minutes

  • Rower
  • Watt bike or Air Dyne bike
  • Ski, versa climb, slam ball or sledge hits
  • shuttle run or fast step-ups
  • Jump rope or jumping jacks
We look forward to the Summer and getting outdoors!