Happy Friday!

We’ve got a fun strength circuit for you today and will give you a whole bunch of options  of strength tools and variations to choose from.

Time circuits are always good because they keep us organized and efficient…

They keep us on task and don’t allow us to waist valuable time.

They are also good from a coaching standpoint with groups because you can keep a good eye on everyone at once.

We will warm up with a two round kettlebell warm up first.

Then complete the following circuit…

30/30 x 5 rounds non stop

  • Ring row, pull up (or any variation of upper body pull)
  • plank (any variation such as Power wheel walks, roll outs, hand walks, walkouts, side etc)
  • Clean squats (any variation, KB, med-ball, sandbag, bar)
  • upper body push( any variation such as push up, down dog, handstand, dip etc.)
  • Leg curl (swing set, power wheel, alt legs, 1 leg)
let us know if you have any questions on any of these options..
I will attempt to get some video up later.
Have a great Friday!