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Happy Veterans Day!

We’ve got a killer conditioning workout lined up for you today.

Let’s charge it hard today!

Start with 5 minutes of joint mobility and then hit a 2 round circuit warm up that will look like this:

20 seconds work/20 seconds rest for 2 rounds of:

  • Ring rows
  • body weight squats
  • push ups
  • Jumping jacks
  • kettlebell swings
  • bicycles
  • med ball thrusters

Today’s conditioning workout will be 5 rounds of 40 seconds work/20 seconds rest with a 1 minute rest between rounds:

  • Kettlebell high pull
  • Battling ropes or mountain climbers
  • Rower
  • Wall ball or heavy med ball thruster
  • 10 yard shuttle run

Here’s a brief view of the 6am’ers killing it!