Hey everyone!

Did you know that our Marathon Row is coming up on Saturday, September 29th?

We had to make a time change and move it a little bit earlier to 1pm.

Please do us a favor and sign up online.

This saves us lots of paperwork and time.

Go here to make your contribution to the Nicholas Leather Heart to Heart Foundation.

Today’s conditioning workout is a classic 40/20 circuit.

Warm up with a circuit warm up.

Your circuit will be 40 seconds work/20 seconds rest and you will perform 5 rounds.

Take 1 minute recovery between rounds.

  • wall ball or medicine ball thrusters
  • choice of row/ski/bike/shuttle run
  • mountain climb or crawl
  • jump rope, Jumping jacks, or fast step ups
  • Jump to pull up or fast assisted ring pull ups

Navy Seal Training on Avon Beach!