Hey Training Room family!

If you received the email yesterday, you now know that we have some important dates coming up.

First off…

The grand opening of Manasquan will be November 24 from 9-12.

We will have plenty of activity planned for everyone plus a bunch of give-aways and prizes.


The annual Training Room Holiday party on December 21 at the Avon gym.

Believe us…you don’t want to miss that!


The Winter Warrior Challenge on January 18th

This will be held in Manasquan and will be similar to the TR Olympics that was held last year.

Stay tuned for details on this one.

Now for Thursday’s conditioning session.

Straight up conditioning on Thursday…

Not much to explain here.

40 seconds work/20 seconds rest for 5 rounds

Take a minute rest between each round

  • Row
  • bike
  • ski or versa climb
  • Run or Step
  • jump Rope or jumping jacks

Lisa did her Power Wheel rollouts uphill yesterday

photo (3)