Happy Friday!

It’s conditioning day.

Today we’ll try something a little bit different.

Get a good warm up.  Start out with 5 minutes of joint mobility and then a two round 20/20 warm up.

We’ll do a 4 exercise x 2 round Tabata style workout today.

We’ll do 20 second intervals with a 10 second rest for 6 rounds at each station.

Stay at the station until all 6 rounds are complete.

We’ll rest one minute between each station.

We will go through the entire thing two times.

Here are the stations (movements)

Go through 20/10 x6 of each

  • Battling rope variations (chops,fast hands,jumping jacks,in and outs) mix it up if you want.
  • Fast step ups or box jumps
  • Rower or kettlebell high pulls
  • Air Dyne bike or shuttle run


How did that workout for you?

What options did you choose?