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Hey guys!

Hope the week is going well!

Don’t forget about the holiday party on December 21!

Lets go Little Rigg!!

Today you will perform a 5k row, or run.

At the TR you also have the choice of ski erg, air dyne bike, Watt bike or Versa Climber

You can do this with a partner or do the entire 5 k solo and use it as a time trial.

If you do this with a partner do 6 x 500 meters alternating with your partner.

If you want, you can do 3×500 on one thing and then do another 3×500 on the other

If you did this solo, leave your times below in the comments.

Have a great Thursday!

I’m posting this video again.

I must have watched this video 100’s of times…

Take the time to watch it. It’s a great video and will help you with your form.