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5 Minute Strength Sets

Thursday brings us a Training Room Classic Strength Workout

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Your strength workout looks like this:

5 minutes non-stop at 30 second intervals.  You will complete 4 total rounds.  

  1. Cleans 30 sec L /30 sec R
  2. Press L / R
  3. Split squat L / R
  4. Row L / R
  5. Plank choice 60 sec

OR you can choose the Bodyweight Version:

  1. Static hip bridge L /R
  2. Push-ups (regular, knees down, hands elevated, feet elevated, resistance band, down dog… )
  3. Split squat L/R
  4. 1 arm ring row L/R
  5. Plank choice 60 seconds


  • Pick ONE Cardio or Kettlebell Sport exercise 5min max distance or reps!


Here is a similar video of 5 Minute Strength Sets!