5 Minute Sets

Hey Training Room Family!

Good luck to Coach Brian in tomorrow’s Boston Marathon!

Go crush it Brian #NCR

Just in case you were wondering, it’s week 3 of our 4 week training block and Monday is a strength day…
Kettlebells or Body weight!

We have Skinny Mike friendly options!

You have the choice between the kettlebell or the body weight strength options.

Let’s go!

5 minute of non-stop movement!

Here are your kettlebell and body weight options…

Do one minute at each movement (thirty seconds on each side)

Kettlebell Option

  1. Cleans L/R
  2. Any press L/R
  3. split squat or lunge options L/R
  4. Row options L/R
  5. Plank or Ab choice

Body weight options…

  1. Bird dog
  2. Hindu/push ups
  3. Split squat or pistols
  4. Ring rows
  5. Abs

Let’s have a great week!