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You can do this with a partner or solo.

If working with a partner, alternate every 5 rep/set and complete all 5 sets before moving on to the next movement.

If working solo, you can do this circuit style until all 5 rounds of 5 reps are completed.

Ring dips or ring pull ups will be performed for 10 reps x 5 sets

TGU’s will be performed for 10 reps total

  • kettlebell split squats 5/5×5
  • Ring push ups or dips 10×5
  • kettlebell 1 leg dead lift 5/5×5
  • Kettlebell 1 arm row 5/5×5
  • Get ups 10x (total)

Go heavy and take your time on this one.

Stay tuned for video clips of last nights Stunt Man Robbie demo.

We will be starting a 6 week self-defense program on Monday night. Classes will be held M-Tues-Thurs at 7:15.

Sign up at the gym.

The price is only $100 for this 6 week program.

Here’s Part 2 of kettlebell snatch progressions