6 Rounds of Strength

Tuesday brings us ALL the Strength!

Stay hydrated and stay focused through these strength sets.

Choose weights and exercises that work BEST for YOU…

Here’s Tuesday’s Strength Workout:

20 seconds work / 20 seconds rest 

6 Rounds!

  1. Split squats or Pistols L/R
  2. Row L/R
  3. Press L/R
  4. Ab Choice /Cardio Choice  

This workout will be stationary!

Here’s a good Strength Video Workout to start your week off RIGHT!

6 Minute Strength Set

You will rest 1 minute between Sets and complete 4 total rounds

  1. Cardio Choice (run, JR, JJ, high knees, skaters, quick feet, kick but, rope flow) – 1 Minute
  2. Alternate Back Lunge – 1 Minute
  3. Push-up Plank – 1 Minute
  4. Marching hip bridge, hamstring curls, single leg static hip bridge – 1 Minute (30s/30s)
  5. Alternate Ring Rows or 1 arm rows – 1 Minute (30s/30s)
  6. Get Ups, windmills, side plank – 1 Minute (30s/30s)

Here’s our 6 Minute Strength Circuit: