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Hey TR clan!


Due to our Kettlebell Certification, there will be only one class on Saturday morning in both Avon and Point Pleasant Beach.

It’s conditioning day…

Crush it!

Partner up for this one, or go solo.

Warm up with a 3 round circuit that looks like this: 20 seconds work/20 seconds rest for 3 rounds

  • Push ups
  • body weight squats
  • jump rope or jacks
  • row, shuttle run,ski erg or bike

Here are your choices..

Pick one, of do an interval of each.

Or, do each interval on 4 different pieces of you want.

  • Row, ski, or run 4×800 meters with a partner

If you are biking, you will do 4×2000 meters.

Beginners can do 3×800.

Have a great Thursday!

You know how warming up can be a hassle and not everyone likes to do it!

Here’s how I plan on warming up for my own training sessions.

I use the timer.