A Little Partner Conditioning

Hey Training Room characters!

If you are not doing the Manasquan Turkey Trot tomorrow, then we will see your smiling faces at the gym for this FUN partner conditioning extrvaganza!


A reminder to you that the only class that will be held on Thanksgiving day will be the Turkey Day relay in the Avon gym!
There will only be one class on black Friday which will be held at 8 AM!

As for tomorrow’s session, it will look like this…

Partner or Solo Turkey Day Relay Warm up! 

Partner 6 minutes on 1 minute off

Solo 5 minutes on 2 minutes off


Get as many reps or calories as you can on the given time frame with your partner, or yourself (solo)

Rest for 2 minutes between each station.

Here are the stations…

  • Row or run
  • Burpee
  • Bike
  • Jump rope 100=10 calories or jumpng jacks 50=10 calories
  • Ski erg

Try these paper get ups at home or in the gym!