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Hey guys!

Hope your week is going well!

We have another free group intro in Manasquan set up for Monday 11/18 at 7 pm.

Tell all your friends!!

Today’s session deals with ALL body weight.

Just for your personal information….

Check out all the stuff you can do with a playground swing set!


Don’t miss out on the very first yoga class in Manasquan with Jeff Seymour at 5 pm on Monday 11/18.

Body weight training can be made to be very challenging….

As always, you will work towards perfect form  and keep full body tension throughout the movement.

We will first warm up with a two round kettlebell warm up.

Body weight strength circuit.

Circuit through the following movements.

30 seconds work/30 seconds rest for 5 rounds….

  • Push-ups (any variation such as regular, ring, elevated,Hindu,dive bomber)
  • Prison squat, Air squat, Drop squat, squat jumps, or deck squat
  • Ab choice
  • Leg Curl (wheel or swing set)
  • Easy conditioning for recovery ( such as jump rope or jumping jacks)

Enjoy this and try some new movements.

Have a great Thursday!

This is a great advanced push up variation by my buddy Smitty!