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Hey TR folks!

It seems like everyone enjoyed yesterday’s training session.

The Milkman trained with the 8:45 class in Point Beach and brought the thunder!

We’re taking it down a few notches today and going with some body weight strength.

We will warm up with a two round kettlebell and body weight warm up.

Today’s session can be completed as a circuit, or done with a partern in a YOU GO I GO format.

5 sets of 5 reps for each movement

  • Pistols or assisted pistols 5r/5l
  • pull ups (any variety you want) 5 reps
  • Supine leg curls (swing set or jungle gym xt) Do them slowly!
  • Down dog or handstand press
  • Ab choice

Check out this swing set video that the Milkman and I did yesterday….

This is not today’s workout, but there are a few cool options that you can use.

BTW…Jim was feeling this pretty good!