There’s an ALL NEW training format coming your way starting on Monday!

We hope you’ll be as excited as us!

As we continue to evolve at The Training Room, we reailize that we need to experiment with new training formats every so often.

Although it is difficult to please everyone, we ARE the fitness experts and care about every single person that steps into The Training Room.

We ALSO realize that not everyone has the same fitness goals, therefore, as the fitness experts, we need to come up with a flexible training schedule that covers ALL the bases (which we feel we have been doing very well for the past 24 years).

What we DO know is that everyone NEEDS a well rounded strength conditioning plan for GPP (general physical preparedness)

If everyone works towards safely increasing their GPP, every day tasks and life it self will be made much easier.

A well balanced training plan should be/have…

  • Adaptable to all levels of fitness.
  • Safe and effective movements that serve a purpose.
  • Recovery days.
  • Modifications and adaptations for injury (including rehabilitative exercises and preventative exercises).
  • Effective warm up and mobility routine (movement prep).
  • The basic strength components (at multiple intensities).
  • Conditioning components (at multiple intensities).

Many people are under the impression that they need to beat themselves into oblivion to get results, but it’s the complete opposite of that.

Intensities should be varied with a balanced mixture of strength, cardio and recovery.

Our recovery from exercise is JUST as important as the actual exercise.

Exercise is like medicine, but should be taken at the right dose.

Think of The Training Room as your fitness doctor or health care professional.

Trust us as your administrators of fitness to prescribe just the right dose of movement and intensity each day.

ALSO listen to your body and choose cardio if your feeling it or strength if you’re feeling that.

BUT, always remember that you need both! 


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Starting Monday…

You will have a choice of doing a strength workout, a cardio/conditioning workout or combination of both.

There will be no more alternating days/weeks of strength and cardio.

Here are Monday’s options….

OPTION 1 (pure strength with a finisher)

Strength Option with a finisher (60/30 x 4 rounds)



60/30 x 1

  • Row
  • slam
  • bike
  • Ski or squat thrust
  • skater or lateral step

OPTION 2 (quicker movements)

Substitute with quicker movements to get the heart rate up….

60/30 x 4-5 rounds

  • Swing or snatch
  • slam or squat thrust or try some mace swings 
  • Quicker step up
  • Rower
  • Ab choice

OPTION 3 (combo of both)

Mixed BAG

Your third option could be alternating between the strength and quicker moves for more cardio.

Let us know what you think of this.

Comment below!

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