Alternate conditioning circuits for Tuesday.

Tuesday is a conditioning day and we’ve got something new for you with these alternate conditioning circuits.

FYI, we will be ordering more t-shirts for those of you who participated in ROW for HOPE and did NOT get one.

There will be an order sheet at both gyms for that.

We also want to thank ALL of our sponsors for the event and the gyms that came up big with loaning us ERGS and also put together teams for the event.

ALSO, thank you to those of you who made a donation!

ALL of the proceeds will go to the JAG Fund!

Check out the pictures from the event on our Facebook page here.

Event Sponsors
Gyms that loaned us ERGS

40/20 Conditioning Circuits

Circuit 1: 40/20
  • Swings or jumps
  • Mountain climbers, sliding moutain climbers or crawl
  • Lateral steps or skaters
  • Squat thrusts
  • Jumping Jacks or Pegs

Circuit 2: 40/20

  • Box or tire step ups
  • Slam ball
  • Bike
  • Shoulder taps, sit throughs
  • Jump rope or run

We will alternate between circuit 1 and circuit 2 and complete each of them 3 times.

For example, complete circuit 1, rest and then move to circuit 2 and complete that.

Repeat this sequence 2 more times.

There will be 1:30 rest between each circuit.

Let’s continue have a great week!