Alternate side strength with a finisher on Wednesday at The Training Room.

Time to get our alternate strength on!

These are the strength sessions that help to even us out.

Many things in life, as human beings are done while alternating our limbs.

Take waking for example!


Let’s train in this manner to help us to become better moving humans so we can enjoy the things we LOVE to do no matter how old we get.

Do this one with 1 or 2 kettlebells or even dumbbells.

Try and go a little bit heavier today.

Test yourself a bit.

Your work interval will be forty seconds and the rest will be twenty seconds.

If you are using a single weight, you will work on each side for twenty seconds, then rest for twenty seconds.

You can also alternate with 1 bell (each rep)

With 2 bells, you will alternate limbs for forty seconds, then rest for twenty before moving on to the next movement.

Alternate side strength circuit

40/20 x 4 rounds

  • Single or double kettlebell alternate clean
  • See saw press
  • Alternate leg reverse lunge (remember, head over foot for better balance)
  • Renegade Row or single arm row
  • Ab choice or side bends would work well here.


Pick 1 cardio

  • Bike
  • Row
  • Ski

Do a 40/20 until you reach  either 100 calories, 80 calories or 60 calories (depends on your ambition or level of fitness)

Have a great Wednesday both in and out of the gym!

FYI, we will be starting a rowing class this Saturday (April 1) at 8:30 AM.

This will be a thirty minute class that will include a 5 minute warm-up/technique review, 20 minutes of rowing and then a 5 minute cool down.

The class will be limited to 10 participants, so please reserve your slot by going to the Zen Planner calander here.

Make sure to register for ROW for HOPE on May 13!

Take advantage of early bird prices here!


Have you tried a see saw press with rotation?

(This frees up the shoulders nicely (if you have tight shoulders and also make good use of the spine)