Get Ready for Another Solid Week of Training!

We kick off a new 4 week cycle of training with a solid strength session.

Keep an eye on your email for some announcements about our Summer training schedules…

This will include info on events as well as our high school and middle school summer workouts along with beach training.

Don’t forget to get the Training Room app on your phone so you can follow along weekly!


Here’s what we have for you Monday!

30/30 x 6 rounds of strength supersets

Alternate between the 2 exercises for 6 rounds.

Superset 1 

  • Goblet squats / 1arm or ring rows

Superset 2

  • Swings, deadlift options, or supermans / OH press, or push-ups


10 minute AMRAP

  • 5 burpess,
  • squat thrust, or 10 shoulder taps /
  • 10 snatch, clean, broard jump, or deads
  • 15mountain climbers
  • 20 Air squats or step-ups 25 JJ’s or 50 jump rope

Here’s another great option for home…

30 seconds on each side non-stop (6 minutes)

  • Swing or clean (R) or Single leg DL or body weight hinge (R)
  • Press (R) or single arm push up options (R)
  • Reverse Lunge (R) or Front squat (R)
  • Row (R)
  • Side bends or side plank (R)
  • Plank drag, shoulder taps or bicycles

Repeat on the other side…

After doing both side, we will rest for 1 minute

Complete 5 rounds total!