It’s yet another week of opportunity.

Take advantage of your surroundings and make yourself better this week.

Try new things.

We have a full week of some new material at The Training Room.

Move out of your comfort zones.

This is how improvements happen and goals are reached.

Ask questions.

Pay it forward and help someone else do the same!


Speaking of paying it forward…

Make sure to register for ROW for HOPE this week!

It’s being held at Goodsports USA in Wall.

We have a lot of planning to do for this event, so please get on this ASAP!

ALL proceeds will go to the JAG fund for brain cancer research.

Go here to sign up!

Starting out this week with an old school kettlebell or body weight strength session so be sure to SHOW up for that.

You will have your choice of weighted or body weight options on Monday.

The possibilities are endless.


30 Minute OLD School kettlebell, dumbbell or body weight circuit
  • 10 swings, hinges or supermans
  • 10 push-ups or floor press options
  • 10 cleans or marching hip bridge
  • 10 Overhead or Landmine press, body weight hindu or inverted press
  • 10 split squats or pistols
  • 10 kettlebell or dumbbell rows, band rows, ring row or pullup choice
  • 10-15 ab choice or 5 walkouts
  • 10 calories or 100 revolutions jump rope

Have a great week!

 Here’s a nice little home circuit that can be done as an actual workout for 20 minutes or a warm-up.



Follow along at home…