Alternate Limb Strength Supersets

Why not kick off your Wednesday at The Training Room with some alternate limb strength supersets?

It JUST seems like the right thing to do mid-week!

Let’s GO!

We will be going with a 40/20 intervals on this one, but take your time on the movements and perform precise reps.

40/20 x 5 rounds of each of the following strength supersets.

Superset 1

  • See saw press
  • Supermans, back extention or hip bridge

Superset 2

  • Weighted step-ups or step backs
  • Renegade or alternate arm ring rows

Finisher Circuit

GUN SHOW PLUS abs and cardio!

30/20 x 4 rounds

  • Triceps
  • Abs
  • Biceps
  • Cardio

Have an amazing Wednesday and continue to crush your week at The Training Room.

Give this see saw press variation a try to free up the shoulders and spine.