Strength with Balance

We are ALL uneven, therefore, we MUST balance things out in our bodies.

The best way to help balance out is to use bilateral movements with a single leg or single arm and do this consistently.

One of many reasons why we use kettlebells or dumbbells in our programming at The Training Room is the fact that you cannot compensate on one side more then the other (like the bar).

Dumbbells, kettlebells or the Landmine also offer more “free” and natural movement which helps to strengthen and stablize individual joints and limbs.

With all of that said, here’s our balanced strength session for Thursday…

Keep in mind that this workout can be done with kettlebells, dumbells or the Landmine  (enjoy the video with options below)

Try something you haven’t tried.

Go outside your comfort zone…

You’ll be glad you did!

If you’ve been using kettlebells, try using dumbells or the landmine.

Part 1

60 seconds of work / 30 seconds of rest x 4 rounds

  • Single leg  deadlift or split hinge (see video)
  • Single arm press choice (feel free to do see saw presses)
  • Split squat or reverse lunge
  • 1 arm ring, kettlebell or dumbbell row

Part 2

30 seconds of work 20 seconds rest x 3 rounds

  • Bicep Curl with kettlebell or dumbbells
  • Tricep choice
  • Ab choice or cardio choice


If you know anyone who may want to try out a class at either of our locations, feel free to send them this link…

Let’s have a great Thursday!

Here are a few landmine options to try out!