Build your Basics

YOU have a choice between following the Clock “On the Beep”
– OR –
Choosing a 5 Sets of 5 Reps of Each Exercise Below (On your own OR with a Partner)

Clock Option: 30 Work / 30 Rest x 5 Rounds
If you are going the 5 x 5 Route just rest when you need to and try to increase weight each round!  

  • Box Squats
  • Chest Press
  • Pull Ups
  • Ab Choice

Finisher (one of the following):

  • A variation of Tabata Intervals (20 sprint/ 10 easy)
  • Bubba’s 10 Second Sprints!
  • Do some light steady state cardio


  • Chest, Shoulders & Lats!

Have an AWESOME Day!