Bells and Body Weight Hybrid for Tuesday

Here’s a classic Training Room bell and body weight strength and conditioning hybrid for your Tuesday fitness pleasure!

Tuesday is primerily a strength day, but we’ll  be adding a bit of cardio at the end to satisfy your heart and lungs.

This one will be set up as 7 minute supersets (alternating between the 2 exercises for 7 minutes)

Bells and body weight hybrid supersets.

This session will cover every aspect of fitness you need!

Complete 7 minutes of each ot these 4 supersets.

We will rest 2 minutes between each one.

Superset 1 (7 minutes)

  • 10 deadlift choice or 15 swings
  • 10 perfect push-ups( any variation- floor, rings, chains, or even dips)

Superset 2 (7 minutes)

  • 10 Goblet squats
  • 10 ring rows or 5 strict pull-ups

Superset 3 (7 minutes)

  • 10 Ab choice
  • 10 twist or rotional movement choice

Superset 4 (7 minutes)

  • 10 calories cardio choice
  • 10 calories another cardio choice ( other options can be jump rope x100,jumping jacks x 50, burpees x10, 100 yard run)

Let’s have and amazing week in and out of the gym!