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Bells or Body Weight Strength

Tuesday is a strength day and you will have your choice of bells or body weight in the strength circuit.

Choices are always a good idea especially when there are many levels of strength and ability in one room!

You can make any movement easier or more difficult.

Always ask for help if you feel you need it.
Let’s try some new things, get stronger and better!

60/30 x 4 rounds: stationary kettlebell or body weight circuit

Here’s your circuit with choices!

  • Single leg dead lift , cleans, or bird dogs (30/30)
  • Press, shoulder taps push-up plank (30/30)
  • Single leg squat or lunge choice (30/30)
  • Row with bells or body weight (30/30)
  • Abs (sky is the limit)  60 seconds
  • Cardio choice 60 seconds

Total training time is 35:30

Have a great Tuesday!

Here are a few deadlift options.