Big Conditioning Day

Let’s start this week with an amazing conditioning workout!

Our January Challenge is going to be a max distance 500 meter row plus a static hold pull up on the bar or ring for time!  Start your training and track your progress over the next couple weeks!

Monday’s Conditioning:

Pick any 3 cardio choices or Kettlebell Sport exercises:

Your intervals for each exercise are 60/60, 60/50, 60/40, 60/30, 60/20, 60/10 60

Rest 2 minutes between each exercise!

Here are a list of choices: Rower, Bike, Ski, Run, JR, JJ, Kettlebell Sport, Small Steps…

Let’s have some fun!  Remember to try to “get your numbers” on each interval!  No slacking allowed!

Here’s a GREAT Home Workout… one of our all time favorites!