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The Training Room’s 23rd Birthday!

So lets do a birthday challenge!

On January 2 1999, The Training Room was established and as a result…

It’s been quite the adventurous twenty three years, to say the least.

training room challenge

Our freind Jack Meyer sketched this for us in 99.

There are STILL a few of you who have been with us the entire time, through ALL of the trials and tribulations.

We are eternally greatful for everyone that has stuck with us though all the madness.

Before we get into an entire 23 year review of the TR  (that will come in a seperate post complete with pics and video from the archives), check the updates below.

birthday challenge

Old School Courtyard of Crush

A few updates on what’s going on in the TR…

  • Get ready for some snow tomorrow (it’s ok to come to the gym when the weather is bad but stay tuned to your email and the Training Room app for announcements). Looks like 5-7 inches (a dusting)
  • Enable push notifications on the The Training Room app.
  • Register and check-in for class!
  • We will be announcing our BIG fitness performance challenge in the next few days.
  • Mike will be offering one on one table stretch for those of you who want to work on increasing their flexibility.

Here’s what we will be doing on Monday to celebrate our 23 year fitness frenzy!

training room challenge

When the fountain was in full force

Complete 2-3 rounds of the following (Milkman tested)…

In TRUE Training Room fashion, we give you The Training Room birthday challenge!

**NOTICE that some of the exercises are hyperlinked to instructional video if you want to hone in your technique.

  • 23 calories rower
  • 23 push up or push up plank
  • 23 steps or lunges
  • 23 calories on the bike
  • 23 swings or deadlift choice/hinges
  • 23 squat thrust, slam ball or Bulgarian bag swings
  • 23 calories ski erg
  • 23 knees to chest or ab choice

Here’s one that The Milkman and I did a while back if you want to give it a go….