Body Weight Conditioning

It’s a body weight conditioning day at The Training Room! 

Just show up and be as athletic as you can!

We will be doing 5 minutes of non-stop movement with body weight movements only.

You may also mix some mace and  kettlebell swings in if you want (if you need help with your swings, please let us know).
Here’s what we’ve got for you.
In order to make transitions quicker between movements, this one is best done stationary,

5 minutes nonstop x 5 rounds…

There will be 2 interval options for you to choose from.

You can do the longer, 1 minute of work at each station or shorter, 30 seconds at each station and do 2 rounds at one time.

  • Jumping jacks or Jump rope options, shuttle run, Pegs or Sanddune.
  • mountain climb, sliding mountain climb or crawl (or combination of both)
  • swings or hinges
  • Squat thrusts or slam ball or mace swings.
  • skaters, lateral band steps

Rest 1 minute between rounds!