Body Weight Freestyle FUN!

Let’s make ourselves better and try some new moves!

SO much can be done with body weight training!

There is NO limit!

Keep an opened mind and bust out of that comfort zone.
Work that balance on with REAL WORLD uni-lateral (single sided) movements and don’t be afraid to look “stupid”. There’s no such thing as that.

Shoot for 10 reps at each movement and circuit thought the following at your own pace for 30 minutes.

Have some fun!

If you cannot get 10 reps of a certain movement, it doesn’t make you a bad person and you won’t explode.

Sometimes it’s ok to get 6, 7 or even 8 solid reps!

Here’s your freestyle body weight strength circuit…

  • upper body pull choice
  • squat/split/lunge choice\
  • Upper Push-up choice
  • Leg curls, bridge, low back etc.
  • Ab choice
  • 10 calorie choice or 100 jump rope, 100 meter run, 50 jacks, PEGS etc.

Have a great Wednesday!