Body Weight Move and Hold

Let’s squash weakness!

Friday is a strength day and the classic body weight move and hold is on the menu.

This strength session a great in so many ways and can be adjusted for ANY level of strength.

This session will be done exactly how it sounds.

If you are new to The Training Room, this could be your first time doing this one.

You will move for thirty seconds and then hold an isometric contraction for 30 seconds.

Remember, if you cannot hold for the entire thirty seconds it’s ok and does NOT make you a bad person.

If you need to stop shy of thirty seconds and shake it out, you WILL NOT be judged!

Here is your body weight move and hold

Move through full range of motion for thirty seconds and then hold an isometric for thirty seconds

Here’s the circuit…

4 rounds

  • Ring row
  • Squat (alternate hold can be a wall sit)
  • Push-up
  • Superman ot IYT’s
  • Ab choice

Finisher: Thirty seconds slow / 30 seconds sprint for 5 rounds of your choice

  • Row
  • Bike
  • Ski
  • Run
  • Jump rope

Hip and knee magic here…