Good morning!

Today we challenge ourselves with an ALL body weight training session.

Some people think of body weight training as being easy.

It’s really as easy or hard as you make it.  Just like using weights.  You can pick up a light kettlebell or a heavy kettlebell.

Same thing goes for body weight training.  It’s all about body position and what progression of the movement you choose.

Here at the Training Room, we like to emphasize the importance of proper body alignment and progression.

We will warm up with a two round kettlebell warm up.  We like to always practice our basic kettlebell technique during our warm up.

Here’s your body weight workout for the day:

5×5 with a partner or solo

You can do this in a you go I go fashion or circuit through it.

  • assisted, body weight or weighted pistols L/R
  • 1 arm ring row or assisted one arm pull-ups
  • Leg Curl on the swing set  or Jungle gym XT or single leg curls 5/5
  • Heavy push-ups, handstand presses or dips
  • Abs choice: Power wheel rollouts, walks, walkouts, hanging knee raises

**Finisher 15w/15r x 5 rounds of your choice of Air Dyne Bike/versa climber/or sq thrust supersetted w/ heavy kettlebell swings.


** 50, 75 or 100 Burpees for time!!

One arm pull ups can also be done using a rope for assistance.

Have fun!

Happy Birthday Yusef!