How was your weekend?

We had a pretty good one.

Myself, The Milkman, Tommy J and Boxing Mike hit the trails yesterday for a nice mountain bike session.

This week we’ll be hitting strength on M,W,F and conditioning on Tues and Thurs.

Today’s workout as all body weight strength with some advanced options for all of you body weight beasts out there.

We’ll start out with 5 minutes of joint mobility to get the juices flowing followed by a two round kettlebell warm up.

The workout will be 5 x5 or 3 x10 of the following:

  • Pistols, assisted pistols or elevated split squats
  • Rope climb, modified rope climb or peg board ( on the rope climb, up and down is one rep). If you don’t have a rope, you will do pullups or weighted pull ups
  • Swing set/TRX/Suspended leg curls (do them slowly, 5 count works well)
  • Hindu push ups, down dog press or hand stand press
  • Choice of abs: swing set walkouts or knees to chest,power wheel roll outs or walks, hanging knee raises

Let us know if you have questions.

What options did you choose, or did you make your own?

Don’t forget about our holiday party on Saturday!

We will start up at 5pm.