Hey guys!

Hope you all had a great weekend…

This weather is incredible for outdoor training.

We will kick off the week with an all body weight strength ladder session.

Warm up with a two round kettlebell circuit.

Here are your body weight ladders

Do one round of each couplet at your own pace…

Couplet 1: Alternate between the two movements and complete 1 round

  • Push ups 10-1 or 20-2  reps (add weight or change the variation to make it more difficult as you go down in reps)
  • Pull ups 1-10 reps (assisted,ring assisted, regular or weighted) vary the grips if needed.

As soon as you are done with couplet 1, move on to couplet 2

Couplet 2: Alternate between the two movements and complete 1 round

  • Abdominal choice (roll outs, walkouts,swing set,hanging etc…) 10-1 reps
  • Pistols or assisted pistols 1-5 on each leg

Have a great week!!

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